You know you're addicted to coffee when ...

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Others call it a drink, I call it perseverance. Others say that "I would like a coffee in the morning," I say, "Do not talk to me before I drink coffee." What does this show? That coffee is a dependency and you know that you are addicted to coffee when:

* You refuse to say good morning before you grab your morning cup.

* You have your own personal morning mug from which you drink. Also in extreme cases, you have an afternoon mug and a weekend mug, which is larger than your normal mug because on weekends you have time to drink more coffee.

* A standard coffee does noting for you anymore. If it's not double, it may as well be water.

* You drink a double dose of a double espresso.

* Adding milk or flavoured syrups to your coffee is blasphemy.

* You enjoy to chew on coffee beans.

* You get angry when the waiter dares to ask "are you finished?" and attempts to take away your mug that clearly has a few drops left.

* You refer to a sip of coffee as medicine.

* You make coffee so strong that no one can drink it except you.

* You spend more money on coffee than on clothes or food ("It has to be single origin!").

* Every cake your order or make is coffee flavoured.

*Capsule coffee is a sin.

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