When Women Earn More Than Men

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

When you are in a relationship you share almost everything with your partner. You sleep on the same bed, reveal to him all the fears and hopes and of course you share the same house. You know everything about him, and he knows everything about you. Or maybe not; But a new survey conducted in the United States has revealed that women can reveal their secret secrets to the other half but they hide one thing: they earn more than their partner.

Researchers point out that women still feel shame and worry if they make more money than men. In fact, when the couple is the one with a higher salary, the relationship is characterized as non-traditional. While women are questioned in a survey about their earnings, they will lie that their partner earns more money while those fewer.

In an effort to explain the phenomenon, the authors of the survey believe that the first reason women do not disclose the real money earnings from their work is because men still feel that they are judged by society on the basis of their salary. So, if they know they are bringing home less money, they feel very uncomfortable, since a rule is ruled that the man is winning the bread of the house.

The second reason is that social customs for centuries have stipulated that the man takes care of family finances and that the woman grows up children. And today this may not be the case, at least superficially, but women still feel strange when they have a bigger salary than their partner, so many times they hide it. In simple words they feel that the "natural order of things" is being violated.