When women are in love they're not worried about their weight!

Women who are satisfied with their relationship are not worried about their weight, according to research.

Even overweight women report being pleased with their bodies, according to researchers from Estonian University of Tallinn. The researchers surveyed more than 250 women, aged 20-45 who either cohabited with their partner or were married.

According to the researchers, the attitude of women towards their body weight and body image is more closely related to how happy they are in their relationship than in the weight index.

It was found that when women feel happy and complete in their relationship they are even more satisfied with their weight, even if it is far from ideal. They were also more confident. On the contrary, women who did not report a high degree of satisfaction from their relationship were more concerned about their weight, perhaps because they could be pushed by their partner to lose weight.

"Our findings reveal that our satisfaction with body image and weight is much more relevant to how satisfied we are in other important aspects of our lives, such as partnerships, than what the scales show," he explains researcher Sabina Vatter.

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