The simple banana diet

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

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A diet program that you can easily follow.

Some nutritionists have argued that just eating bananas and water at room temperature for breakfast leads to weight loss, no matter what you consume the rest of the day.

One of the reasons why the following diet can work is that bananas improve digestion and enhance metabolism. Another reason is that bananas have a high content of resistant starch, a kind of fiber that promotes satiety and increases fat burning capacity.

In addition to eating bananas for breakfast and avoiding eating late in the evening, another rule of diet is that you have to go to bed before midnight every night. The rationale behind this advice is justified, as scientific studies show a relationship between sleep deprivation and obesity.

Dairy products and alcohol are not allowed on this diet. In addition, the only drink you can consume in meals is water at room temperature.

Here's the diet plan:


One or more bananas (as many as you want until you feel healthy)

A glass of warm water


Lunch of choice

Afternoon snacks

A small sweet snack is allowed around 15:00 if you are hungry


Lunch of choice but must be eaten before 20:00

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