The ornament of knowledge is meditation

"The ornament of knowledge is meditation; the decoration of meditation is renunciation; and the pearl of renunciation is pure, unfathomable Shanti.

"The pure and unfathomable Shanti cuts the root of all misery. He who holds Shanti in his heart dwells in a sea of Bliss. All sins that breed suffering, anxiety, and anguish disappear, together with all limitations....

"Know him to be perfect who is most peaceful, who is taint-less and free from all personal desires, whose mind vibrates with Shanti."

—Tulsidas, in Indian Mystic Verse

As a first step toward entering the kingdom of Divine, the devotee should sit still in the correct meditation posture, with erect spine, and tense and relax the body—for by relaxation the consciousness is released from the muscles. The yogi begins with proper deep breathing, inhaling and tensing the whole body, exhaling and relaxing, several times. With each exhalation all muscular tension and motion should be cast away, until a state of bodily stillness is attained. Then, by concentration techniques, restless motion is removed from the mind.

In perfect stillness of body and mind, the yogi enjoys the ineffable peace of the presence of the soul.

In the body, life is temple; in the mind, light is temple; in the soul, peace is temple. The deeper one goes into the soul the more that peace is felt; that is superconsciousness. When by deeper meditation the devotee expands that awareness of peace and feels his consciousness spreading with it over the universe, that all beings and all creation are swallowed up in that peace, then he is entering into Cosmic Consciousness. He feels that peace everywhere—in the flowers, in every human being, in the atmosphere. He beholds the earth and all worlds floating like bubbles in that ocean of peace. The inner peace first experienced by the devotee in meditation is his own soul; the vaster peace he feels by going deeper is Divine. The devotee who experiences unity with everything has established Divine in the temple of his infinite inner perception.

In the temple of samadhi, oneness with the peace that is Divine's first manifestation in meditation, the devotee finds a state of ever new bliss, a joy that never grows stale. Bliss is a much deeper state than peace. As a mute person drinking nectar imbibes but cannot describe the ambrosial flavor, so the rapture of bliss found in the temple of samadhi moves the experiencer to wordless eloquence. That joy alone can satisfy the innate craving of the human heart. In patient, persistent meditation, day after day, year after year, the devotee lovingly demands of his Lord: "Come to me as joy in samadhi-oneness, and remain forever in my heart on the altar of bliss!" When in our hearts, in harmony with the hearts of all who love Divine in the interior temple of silence and bliss, we rejoice in the joy of our one Beloved, that united joy is a vast altar of Divine.

Stillness is the altar of Spirit. There is no limit of the deepening of stillness. — Sri Daya Mata

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