Start your day with laughter

Once you wake up, don't open your eyes. When you feel you are awake, start laughing where you are, in bed.

The first two or three days will be difficult, but then it will come easier - like a burst of joy.

At first it is difficult because you will feel ridiculous; why you laugh?

But then it will come to you. And there will come an endless laugh. You'll laugh with the irrationality. And then someone else will start laughing, your wife, your girlfriend, your neighbor will laugh just to see you, and that will help. Laughing is contagious.

Start and finish your day with laughter, and you will see, by and by, in between these two more and more laughter starts happening.

Laughter benefits the hurt, lungs, stomach and the organs. It relaxes tensions, change attitude, and increases the body's painkillers. And it has harmful side effects .Laugh often.

May your day be filled with laughter, joy, happiness and love

You are who you are, and you are perfect. Accept yourself.