Shower Meditation

The Great Shower Escape

''From this moment, start loving yourself, be more tender to yourself. Don't be hard, don't be cruel! Give a little joy to your body, to your mind. It is your mind and you have to take care of it. It is your body; treat it as a temple. And small things make much difference....

You take a shower every day: you can do it very unconcernedly, you can do it very lovingly. You can feel the water falling on the body. You can enjoy the feel, the freshness, the joy that comes to the body - how every cell of the body starts feeling fresh. You can enjoy - it is your body: your body is feeling good.

Love, eat, work and enjoy! Enjoy small moments. Small things are there: sipping tea or coffee or just lying on the bed and relaxing, enjoy! And make them so tremendously enjoyable that they become almost divine, sacred.''

A part of the book 'Body Wisdom' - Amiyo Ruhnke -Amando Wurzburger

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