Nature doesn't need people, people need nature.

Julia Roberts will teach you in two minutes what no one else has taught you so far.

She has won an Oscar and is considered one of the best actresses of her generation. Julia Roberts, however, is not only loved for the roles she has played so far, but also for her actions outside of her work.

It is not a few times that with her actions she proved that she has an ecological conscience and even tried to transmit it to her fans.

In the video below you will see Roberts starring in a campaign (in 2014) that aims to raise awareness of how we affect the planet.

The actress portraying mother nature explains that nature does not need us, but rather we need nature. When nature falls, humankind falls with nature. And yet, every day we contribute to its destruction. It's like cutting off a small part of your fingers day by day, which in the long run will lead to the mutilation of your whole being!

The video voiced Julia Roberts, along with a series of five more spots, compose the ecological campaign created by Lee Chloe in 2014 entitled "Nature is speaking".

In the videos, nature speaks with famous voices and is very angry. In addition to Roberts, Harrison Ford (playing the voice of the ocean), Ed Norton (of the Earth), Robert Redford (of the forest), Penelope Cruz (of water) Ian Somerhalder (of the seabed) and Lupita Nyongo (of the flower) have also lent their voices to the campaign.

A key differentiation of the campaign is that the planet does not ask for help as has it existed before humans, and will exist long after humans.

Characteristic are the words that Harrison Ford says as the ocean: "I occupy most of this planet.

Every cloud, every drop goes back to me. One way or another, every living being needs me. The same goes for people. I don't owe them a thing, but I give, and they take. But I can always take back."

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