Natural treatment of acne: An easy recipe with honey and lemon

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Despite the widespread perception that a major cause of acne is the poor quality of our diet and lifestyle, there is little scientific evidence to confirm it. Experts believe that the main cause of acne is hormonal imbalances, which explain why adolescents are the main age group that displays it.

Acne occurs mainly due to overgrowth of sebum from the skin glands. This is combined with dust and dead skin cells, which cause the known pimples, irritation and spotting (white or black). However, besides cosmetic creams and medication that will be recommended by your dermatologist in intense acne seizures, there is a solution to the natural treatment of mild acne.

Easy recipe for treating acne with lemon and honey

Lemon has a high content of vitamin C, citric acid and calcium. Vitamin and antioxidants play a key role in slowing down aging and citric acid helps to reduce skin imperfections, such as signs of acne.

Honey on the other hand has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and rejuvenates the skin's appearance. However, we need to pay attention to the quality of honey in this case, as the processed we often find on the market probably has lost several of these properties. So prefer local producers. With these two materials, we can make a mask for the face and neck:

1. Add a spoonful of fresh lemon juice and the same amount of honey to a glass small bowl.

2. Mix the mixture well to make it a thick paste.

3. Clean your face thoroughly with water and apply the paste on your face and neck using a piece of cotton.

4. Allow the mixture to act for 15 to 20 minutes.

5. Then rinse thoroughly with cold water.

6. Repeat the mask twice a week.

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