Magnesium: The "weapon" against depression and migraines

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

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The beneficial role of magnesium in our body has been recorded last year by researchers from Harvard University.

According to this, magnesium intake reduces the risk of developing diabetes by up to 33%, and, as it seems, it fights depression and migraines.

According to experts, the lack of magnesium in our body is manifested by a number of symptoms such as hypertension, feeling of weakness, sleeping problems and the tendency to vomit. While, as they emphasize, there are also strong symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Scientists advise to have a balanced diet and to take care of our body and make sure it gets the necessary magnesium on a daily basis like other vitamins and trace elements.

Magnesium sources are almonds, peanuts and cashew nuts, while good vegetables for us to include in our diet are spinach, avocado and black beans. For carbohydrates, cereals, bread, potatoes and rice are ideal, while proteins are found in yogurt and soy milk.

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