Live your life free of tension

I have lived in many places with a lot of different people. Often I have wondered as to why so many people have so much tension in their day to day lives.

It seems that this tension has nothing to do with what is going on around you, but rather what is going on inside you. There is always an external excuse, because it seems silly to be tense for no reason. In order to explain this feeling logically to yourself, you always point the finger elsewhere.

Pay attention to yourself during your daily routine. There is no need to be tense. When driving home from work, there is no reason to be tense. When cooking, there is no reason to be tense. There is nothing your life that requires tension. The tension is a result of your lack of awareness and impatience.

But the truth is, this frustration is not from things happening to you, but rather as a result of how you live your life. You live in competition - this in of itself creates tension. You are constantly thinking about the past or the future and you are losing the present, which is the only reality.

People are constantly looking at what others are doing - someone else can play the guitar but you can't, so you immediately feel inadequate.

It is a matter of understanding the simple concept, that there is no need to compete with anyone. You are who you are and that is completely ok.

Accept yourself.

That's how existence wants you to be. Some trees are higher, others shorter. But short trees do not have hostility to the tall trees, nor do tall trees have a huge ego compared to the small trees. Existence needs diversity. Some people are stronger than you, others are smarter than you, but somehow you are more talented than anyone else. Find your talent, your inclination. Nature does not create any person without some unique gift. Search for this in yourself.

This is not about comparison. Comparison makes people demobilize, through constant intensifying competition with others and because their lives are very empty - they never live in the moment. All they do is think about the past, which no longer exists, or project their thoughts into the future, which has not yet come.

This leads the world to paranoia, which is completely unnecessary. No animal goes to the mad house and no tree goes for psychoanalysis. The whole of existence is constantly celebrating life in the moment, apart from humans. Humans stay alert, anxious and holding tension.

It's a short life and it gets shorter every day.. This creates additional anxiety - death is coming and I have not started to live. Most people realize that they are alive when it's time to die, and then it's too late.

Live the moment.

And whatever skills and talents you have, use them to the fullest.

Whatever you do, if you are happy and feel that existence is nothing but the manifestation of divinity and that those you meet are also of the divine, if you feel that there is no other way - only the faces are different, but the inner reality is the same - then all your tensions will disappear.

And the energy that was bound by the tension, will now begin to be transformed into grace, into your beauty.

Then life will not be an ordinary routine, but a dance from the cradle to the grave. And existence will be enriched by your grace, by your relaxation, by your silence, by your awareness. And you will not leave this world without contributing something to it.

Whatever you do, do it with love, with so much care that the slightest thing is transformed into a masterpiece. It will give you great joy. And to create a world without competition, without comparisons. It will give dignity to the whole world and restore its glory. Any act done with all that is given to you is a prayer.

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