Learn to exercise simple pressures on the body that heals

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

To relieve the headache

On the thumb : Exercise circular pressure throughout the thumb area with the thumb of the other hand for 1-2. Repeat in the other hand. The thumb corresponds to the head.

In the earlobe : With your index finger and thumb, press the earlobe for 30-40. You can push both lobes at the same time or, in the case of migraine, concentrate on the ear lying on the side where you are suffering. The lobe corresponds to the head.

To eliminate stress

In the center of the palm : Press the one-hand mark in the center of the palm of the other for 1. This point corresponds to the solar grid, the area under the chest, which is usually "tightened" when we have anxiety.

In the chest : Press for 1 with your three fingers in the middle of the conceivable straight line between the nipple and the clavicle. The pressure of these points contributes to emotional discharge, facilitating breathing and is recommended for controlling the traction!

To fight constipation

In the arch of the foot : With your thumb, press the heel of the foot, towards the heel, for 2. The area from the middle of the arch to the heel corresponds to the intestine.

In the calf : Press right and left of the calf, from the top to the ankle, for 2. These spots are considered to be reflex areas of the intestines. If you suffer from varicose veins, do not push the calf but the inner side of the hand from the elbow to the wrist.

To relieve the pain of the period

Above the ankle : Press right and left of the Achilles tendon, three fingers above the ankle, for 1.

On the heel : Grab and push the heel sides and make circular movements for 1. The heel corresponds to the pelvis and the heel sides of the genitals.

To get rid of indigestion

In the ear : Press your fingertips on the upper part of the ear - in the cartilage - for 30-60. This area corresponds to the digestive system and its pressure assists the secretion of digestive enzymes.

On the shoe : Press all your fingers for 1 under the "ball" in the area of the tread metatarsals. This area of the paw corresponds to the stomach.

To rest your legs

On the back of the tread : Press with your fingers along the back of the foot, from the ankle to the base of the toes, for 2. From these points passes the meridian of the stomach and their pressure contributes to the relief of the feet.

On the outside of the foot : Exercise pressure with the fingers of your hand on the outer side of the foot for 1-2. This area corresponds to the whole leg.

To relieve your low back

Inside the side of the foot : Press your fingers 1-2 for the area on the inside of the foot, starting just below the ankle to the middle of the ankle-to-finger distance. This area corresponds to the low back.

Behind the knee : Press your three fingers for 1 in the dick just behind the knee. From this point passes the meridian of the bladder, passing through the low back.

To relax your neck

In the ear : With your index finger and thumb, push the hard point (cartilage) just above the earlobe, for 30-40. This point is considered a reflex point of the neck.

At the base of the neck : Press your two pimples to the right and to the left of the neck, where the scalp starts. Pressure at these points helps to release tension.

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