Men lose weight more easily than women?

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

This is supported by a new study by Danish researchers, published in the scientific paper Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism.

It turns out that a low carb diet, has different metabolic effects on men and women. The head of research Dr. Pia Christensen, at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, studied data on over 2,000 overweight pre-diabetic subjects who had been urged to follow a low carb diet for eight weeks.

Men lost significantly more weight than women and had greater reductions in the metabolic syndrome score, a marker for diabetes, fat mass and heart rate. Respectively, women had more significant decreases in HDL cholesterol, hip perimeter, free body fat mass and pulse pressure.

"Despite taking weight loss into account, it seems that men benefit more than women. Whether differences between genders persist in the long-term and whether we will need to design different interventions depending on gender will be interesting to follow" says Dr. Christensen.

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