A hug really does make you feel better after an argument

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

The more regular physical contact we have, the better our physical and psychological health and our relationship with our partner.

Hug Relationship Argument OSOM Open State of Mind

Holding hands also improves mood after a disagreement, and the insistence lasts until the next day. The Carnegie Mellon University team has concluded that people who are embraced after a fight are less likely to have negative feelings in the next few hours and days. The researchers analyzed 404 adult men and women for 14 consecutive days and were asked about how they manage brawls, how they feel about them, and how they go about physical contact.

What has emerged is that there was a clear connection between hugging and mood.

The head of research, Dr. Michael Murphy, said that "interpersonal non-sexual touch is necessary in the research of adult social relationships. Hug and touch are used to communicate affection. The more frequent physical contact we have, the better physical, psychological and relationship health. Serious and recurring anxiety due to the disagreement can aggravate the feelings of loneliness, depression, and lead even to paranoia. Touch, however, works supportive, causes higher satisfaction and intimacy in the relationship, and helps to resolve disputes more quickly.

Dr. Murphy informs us that this research is still at an early stage and there are questions about how hugs affect our psychology. However, an embrace is the ideal way to show your love and support to a partner. "

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