5 daily tips of tranquility

1) Don't needlessly explain There are many times when we will be explaining our position or point of view, but the person we are speaking with is not really listening to us because they already have their answer ready. Or perhaps someone is actually making genuine attempt to listen, but for one reason or another can not understand you. In these moments you are often wasting your words, time, energy and your peace of mind. 2) Don't complain When you just whine about how bad a situation is, you don't improve it in any way, on the contrary, you spoil yourself and your mood even more, while giving even bigger dimensions to the problem. Just focus on what you can do to correct the situation, without any additional drama. 3) Don't unnecessarily disagree The greatest thief of your peace is pointless arguments. An empty confrontation can in no way benefit you on any level. Not everyone needs to agree with your point of view, nor do they need to accept it. Stay away from pointless disagreements. Earn your peace with diplomacy.

4) Don't take anything personally When someone tells you their point of view, they are not characterising you but rather themselves. Forgiving those who hurt you can be a sign of enlightenment and strength for someone and a sign of stupidity and weakness for another. Don't take anything personally and don't pay attention to characterisations.

5) Do not hold in your negativity and sadness. As you internalise sadness, misery, whining, anger, and all other bad feelings, you are essentially poisoning yourself with the most dangerous chemicals imaginable and depriving yourself of peace and quiet. Love yourself more and protect yourself as much as you can from the ugly side of life. Focus on the beautiful, focus on the good.

Stay Positive :)

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