Do you know how to eat?

‘’Don’t speak ill of food (annam). That shall be the rule. Life, verily, is food. The body is the eater of food. In life is the body established; life is established in the body. So if food established in food. He who knows that food is established in food, becomes established. He becomes an eater of food, possessing food. He becomes great in offspring and cattle and in splendour of the sacred wisdom; great in fame.’’ S.Radhakrishnan, The Principal Upanishads

When you think of food, what is the first food that comes in your mind and why?



Well, lets start from what your ''machine'' needs? - your ''machine'' being your body that is!


If we think that your body is a machine and food is its fuel, then what kind of fuel would you using? If it was your car, the answer would be the best fuel possible.

So this is the first thing you have to understand, is that our body is our machine and the only one we will ever have.

Second, how do I provide the best fuel for my machine? The answer is real food, or fresh food.


But before we answer this, we have another question, 'When is the right time to eat?'

Easy, when you are really hungry! Not thirsty, not anxious, not nervous, not in a bad mood or when you fall in love!


The magic word is Observe.

Observe your body. What feeling do you get?

Do you really need that chocolate right now?

Not that I'm saying that the chocolate is the worst food that you could eat but just observe your desires in the moment. Is the 5 minutes of mouth pleasure really worth all those empty calories and sugars?



Today did you eat fruit or vegetables to provide your body with essential vitamins?


Fresh organic foods have real and noticeable effects for your body and mind.


Meat or eggs for muscle development and repair muscles. Fish for healthy eyes. Even almonds your skin and your hair.


Giving good fuel to your body, means finding a balance between what is good fuel, how much do I need and is to be avoided.


A easy way to start is to challenge your body with a few days fasting.


This is your first step if you want to see real change. For the next week, cut out all soft drinks and bottled juices (this does not include juices you make home using real fruit)


These drinks have so much sugar and are not even worth the small pleasure they provide.


Also for next week , when you do indulge with some chocolate (or any favorite sweet for that matter), have piece of fruit at the same time. This simple trick helps boost your metabolism and cut out some of the negative effects of the sweet.


So go ahead and enjoy it :)


Note: This is my own view, and when changing something in your diet it is always a good idea to consult your doctor first.