Creation is Meditation

Meditation is where your body and senses are at rest as if you sleep

Meditation is what makes you live right now, without thoughts and emotions. A dedication to here and now, a complete enjoyment of your moment and yourself.


Where your body and senses are at rest as if you sleep. No effort is made to get to this situation, it comes alone.


Meditation is a gift to yourself.


Being creative brings that moment for me.







When I create things I feel like I'm out of this world.

It's like I've made a pause of thoughts, feelings and my everyday life.

I give rest to my mind and my body.

Doesn't that sound like meditation?









What is this time for you? When do you really feel that you have come out of your everyday life?

We all need this moment in our lives. We live in a world full of obligations.

Find your meditation moment and if you like share it with me :)